The Workshop Experience with Katelyn James


Hey Friends!!!

I really can’t believe I am writing this. Thank goodness for all the photos I took otherwise I might think I dreamed this experience!

I’m going to give you a fair warning. This post will be heavy on words so if you are just here for pretty pictures (I get it girl) then keep scrolling! 😉

Let me start from the beginning. At least 8 years ago I started following a southern, redheaded photographer named Katelyn James. I remember following her life, watching her plan her own wedding and checking back often to view loads of pretty photos! Over the years I have watched her business and education platform continue to grow and thrive. When I started photographing weddings myself I scrolled through blog post after blog post for inspiration and encouragement. Her heart for sharing and education was so evident at the very beginning. Her blog was always the first place I looked to find answers to tough questions and common issues photographers run into!

You know those things that you have ALWAYS wanted to do but never TRULY considered it? Attending a Katelyn James Workshop was that for me. Meeting and learning from her in person seemed like something I would never get the chance to do. Everything that happened that led me to be sitting on her couch this week is nothing short of amazing. It’s a long story that I will share in another post soon but for now onto the workshop!!!

I expected to love meeting her and hanging out with a bunch of photographer friends for 2 days. What I didn’t expect is how deeply I would be able to connect with these women and how many tears would be shed! Ya’ll (All those southerner’s got to me!) wouldn’t believe how many times we found ourselves reaching for the Kleenex! There is something powerful about voicing your fears and struggles in business and having others relate and encourage you. When we choose to open our hearts we realize how similar we really are.

I have heard Katelyn talk about her passion and purpose for her business before but it has never been more true and powerful after the season of life her family recently walked through. Read more about her heartbreaking story of loss, faithfulness, and hope HERE.

What was it like meeting my biggest photography inspiration and spending two days in her home with her sweet family?! Amazing but so hard to explain! She was the same sweet, genuine girl I have followed for years. It was hard to comprehend though, how can I feel so close and connected with the same person who has 90 thousand Instagram followers? haha!!

Monday afternoon was the styled shoot, I think I took more behind the scenes images than anything! Separate post featuring the bride and groom and all the lovely details to come later!

(Behind the scenes images of me: Photo credit to Ashlea Snell Photography)

Headshots were done on day 2! While Katelyn had her time with each attendee the rest of us killed time by taking more photos! haha There were mini headshot sessions going on left and right! :)

I LOVE this picture! I was blessed to get to know Ashlea and Christy really well during this trip. They are both from Wisconsin so we connected over our midwest home and stayed together all three nights!

SO many delicious meals shared with these girls! Katelyn’s sister Emily kept us well fed every day!

The whole crew!! (photo credit Katelyn James) LOVE these girls and am SO thankful to have met them! I am so excited for everything in store for their businesses!

We left with full notebooks, new friends and a renewed passion for this crazy journey. Thank you everyone for making this an experience to remember! And thank YOU for stopping by!! 💜

xoxo - Natalie Carolyn