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I'm Natalie and I'm so thrilled you're here! I have been photographing portraits and weddings in the Houghton/Hancock area since 2012.  I was still in high school when I first started and it has been a huge part of my life since!


How my photography journey began...


A few of my favorite things...

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My nieces & nephews

Although most people know me as a photographer, my favorite title I've ever held is "Auntie Nattie."  I spend much of my free time with my family and love every minute of watching my nieces and nephews grow up!  I am the youngest of 6 kids so I have been blessed with the “aunt” status since I was just 7 years old!

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All things crafty and creative are my jam!  (Although I’m not particularly good at any of them).  I love spending a lazy day curled up with a blanket, working on decor for my home, sewing or planning my next themed party!

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Sugar, oh all things sweet and lovely just draw me in.  Not only do I love baking and spending hours in the kitchen creating pretty treats, I am admittedly a sugar addict.  I like to blame it on my Finnish roots because as my Grandpa would say “life is short, eat dessert first."

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Fresh cut flowers!  In the summers I grew up playing outside next to my mom while she worked in her boundless gardens.  My sister and I loved making bouquets and dreaming of what we would carry down the aisle someday.